trade name DAISHI Company Ltd.
The Person in charge Kariu Hiroshi
Head Office 217, Sugao, Mie-machi, Bungo Ono-shi, Oita-ken, Japan
TEL 0974-22-0740 FAX 0974-22-4039
First Mill 1082, Mie-machi ichiba, Bungo Ono-shi, Oita-ken, Japan
Second Mill 1-65, Mie-machi Sugao, Bungo Ono-shi, Oita-ken, Japan
Kobe Office 2-1-40-1010, Hyougoku Ekimaedoori,
Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken
Capital 15million Yen
Date of Foundation July 1, 1925
Date of Establishment June 14, 1994
Bank Account Oita Bank Mie Branch (Checking Account) 0484948
Work contents making, Processing and Sales of Judas ear
and Shiitake mushroom.

About material wood Shiitake mushroom
and the material wood Judas ear production plan

We have been working on our own production and sales of the material wood Hiitake and the material wood Judas ear since 2008.
360,000 of Judas ears and 1.1 millions of Shiitake have been inoculated by the spring of current year.
The number of inoculation is the greatest in the whole country.
The expected production for this autumn is 2 tons of dried Shiitake, which is 20 tons of the raw Shiitake.
4 tons of dried Shiitake, which is 40 tons of raw Shiitake, and 4 tons of dried Judas ear, which is 40 tons of raw Judas ear are expected to be produced in next spring(March-June).
The stable system of mass production will be completed by next spring, and it aims at the production supply of dried Shiitake for 100 tons, which is 100 tons of raw Shiitake, and dried Judas ear for 4 tons, which is the raw Judas ear for 40 tons.
Moreover, we work on the product development of the frozen Shiitake and Judas ear.

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