Passion for the products

The brand of reliance, JESMO

Passion for the products

We only make products with high quality and safety.

An article about our products was published in Oita Goudou Newspaper.
Article(2010.11.30) Article(2010.12.03)

"Judas'-ear" is a very nutritious food that contains all the following elements necessary for a healthy body.
•Vitamin D is the largest element in our Judas'-ear!

•Fiver is the 2nd largest element in the Judas'-ear!

•Judas'-ear has about 3.5 times more iron than liver!

•Judas'-ear has twice the amount of calcium as milk!

Characteristics of Judas'-ear and Shiitake mushroom

①Made in Mie-machi, Bungo-Ono, Oita
(There is a grandmother slope national park named Hakusan Valley in the town. It is Japan's most productive mushroom producing area, producing mushrooms of the highest quality.)
②Timber planting.
(The usual way to produce mushrooms is to use the bacteria bed cultivation of trees, but we use a totally different way which is the most natural way to grow mushrooms.)
③No pesticide cultivation. (We use no pesticides to cultivate our mushrooms. The public inspects our growing area to check for pesticide residues.)
④Nutritional analysis examination(We do not dry our mushrooms. The public inspects our raw mushrooms to check for their nutrition.)
⑤Voluntarily to public inspection of bacteria. (The public inspects the absence of bacteria on our mushrooms.)
⑥(We wash our mushrooms at least three times in publicly inspected water in order to remove any dirt such as wood
⑦We test for metallic contamination of our mushrooms using the latest technology in metal detectors. (Sensitivity is Φ2.0 Φ1.0 ferrous iron.)
⑧High air temperatures and low sunlight make Shitake mushrooms more nutritious and delicious.
⑨To provide easy eating, the shitake has been carefully removed from the base of each "Judas'-ear" and "Shitake mushroom."
⑩Dried Judas'-ear and Shitake mushrooms have been kept in a refrigerated factory at 50% humidity at a temperature of 10 degrees (you don't say if that's Celsius or Fahrenheit, Kana. I think you mean Celsius) before they were shipped.
⑪Frozen Judas'-ear and Shitake mushrooms have been kept at a temperature of -18 degrees (Celsius) before they were shipped.
※Freeze-dried mushrooms are ⑥, shiitake ⑧ process is not frozen.

The process to make

  • 1-1 surroundings

  • 1-2 surroundings

  • 2 the whole view of the logging grove.

  • 3-1 the scene of logging.

  • 3-2 the process of "Motokirigokousinnmoe".

  • 4 The work of "Tamakiri".

  • 5 Material wood carrying

  • 6 The process of "Komauchi".

  • 7 After The process of "Shukinn".

  • 8-1 The work of "Shiitake Karifuse".

  • 8-2 The work of "Judas ear Karifuse".

  • 9-1 The process of "Shiitake honnbuse".

  • 9-2 The process of "Judas ear Honbuse".

  • 10-1 The check of the "Kattcyaku".

  • 10-2 The inside of the kind of Oak.

  • 11 Tree stand

  • 12-1 Cause the wood mushrooms

  • 12-2 Cause the wood Judas ear

  • 13-1 Shiitake mushroom collection

  • 13-2 Judas ear collection

  • 14 Judas ear washing

  • 15-1 The sun dried SHITAKE mushroom

  • 15-2 The sun dried Judas-ear

  • 16-1 Hot air dried SHITAKE mushroom

  • 16-2 Hot air dried Judas'-ear

  • 17-1 dehydrating

  • 17-2 After dehydrating

  • 18 Sorting (work or Process)

  • 19 To test metallic contamination by the latest metal detectors.

  • 20 Storage in private warehouse